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Building Beautiful Smiles With Advanced Periodontics

Exceptional Periodontics and Comprehensive Care

Healthy gums and bone are integral to a healthy smile. These building blocks serve to support and protect your teeth, ensuring that your oral health and overall wellness remain excellent. The greatest threat to your periodontal health is gum disease. It can result in the destruction of gum and bone tissue, and eventually, tooth loss. Call San Dieguito Dental Group if your smile has suffered due to an oral infection. We offer a wide range of services in periodontics to preserve or repair your smile.

  • Gingivectomy
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration
  • Teeth-in-a-Day™
  • Bone Grafting
  • Dental Implants (placement and restoration)
  • Implant Supported Dentures
  • Ridge Augmentation
  • Ridge Preservation
  • Sinus Augmentation/Lift
Before and After Photo - Periodontal Treatments - San Gieguito Dental Group, San Diego, CA
Before and After Photo - Periodontal Treatments - San Gieguito Dental Group, San Diego, CA
Before and After Photo - Periodontal Treatments - San Gieguito Dental Group, San Diego, CA
Before and After Photo - Periodontal Treatments - San Gieguito Dental Group, San Diego, CA
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    Periodontics Offers Solutions to Enhance Gum Health

    Your gums offer protection to your teeth in the form of a barrier. When gum health is endangered by infection, it is critical to remove the bacteria as well as the infected tissue to stop further damage to your smile. If gum tissue has receded as a result of periodontal disease, it must be replaced to restore the barrier for your teeth.


    Gingivectomy to Remove and Reshape Your Gum Tissue

    A gingivectomy is one way that periodontics can preserve your smile. With this method, the dentists at San Dieguito Dental Group can remove infected tissue and address wide periodontal pockets by reshape the remaining healthy tissue. Reduced pocket depth and contoured gum lines result in healthier gums and a more attractive smile. Poor gum health can not only damage your natural teeth, it can place your dental implants at risk as well.

    Guided Tissue Regeneration for Enhanced Bone Health

    When bone is lost to gum disease, periodontics can help to restore it. Using tissue stimulating proteins or membranes at the site of bone loss can encourage the re-growth of bone tissue. This is especially helpful when you are considering tooth restoration with dental implants because dental implants require a sufficient amount of bone for success.

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Periodontal Treatments Patient Testimonial - Natalie S.

This is the practice to go if you want personal service, don't want the "upsell" of unnecessary work or products, and want the latest in dental technology.

Natalie S.
Periodontal Treatments Patient Testimonial - Doris R.

I have always had a serious problem with plaque buildup and she [Caitlin] not only does and excellent job removing the plaque but also provides at-home care instructions.

Doris R.
Periodontal Treatments Patient Testimonial - Jan A.

Everyone there is always friendly and very helpful. Even though I live three hours away, it's worth the drive just to receive excellent and competent care.

Jan A.
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