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Look Good and Feel Good With a Holistic Dentist

Do You Know About the Mouth-Body Connection?

Bacteria in your mouth can build up on the teeth and gums, causing infection. This infection, known as periodontal disease, leads to gum recession, tooth shifting, and bone loss. Worse yet, it can have a serious effect upon your overall health, increasing your risk of developing a systemic illness. San Dieguito Dental Group takes a holistic approach to dentistry and helps you protect your overall wellness in addition to your smile.
  • Bacteria and the Body

    How Does Bacteria Affect the Body?

    The chronic inflammation created by periodontal disease dampens your immune system. In addition, much research has suggested that the bacteria in your mouth can be breathed into your lungs and can enter the bloodstream via your gums and circulate into your organs. Our holistic dentist will answer all of your questions about the mouth-body connection.

    How Can a Holistic Dentist Improve Your Overall Health?

    Removing decay and mercury fillings is a good start. However, periodontal disease has become a much more insidious danger to the mouth-body connection. Periodontal disease has been shown to increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, and cancer. Even the initial stages of gingivitis can decrease memory function and jeopardize healthy birth weights in infants. Our holistic dentist can treat decay and infection to in order to proactively prevent disease.

    Diabetes and the Mouth-Body Connection

    Diabetes and periodontal disease are linked because the infection can raise blood sugar levels. Conversely, high blood sugar levels create an ideal environment for the overgrowth of bacteria. Holistic dentistry is critical for patients suffering from diabetes. Not only to receive treatment but also to gain a better understanding of how the mouth-body connection affects their condition in order to prevent complications.

Mouth-Body Connection - San Diego, CA

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If you would like to see a holistic dentist or learn more about the mouth-body connection, contact the San Dieguito Dental Group. Schedule a consultation to discuss your dental and medical health so that we can help you get a healthy smile and a healthy body.

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