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Laser Dentistry—Making Dental Treatments Easier Than Ever

Laser Decay Detection and Gum Treatments Improve Your Comfort And Health

Laser dentistry has been utilized for decades. Safe and effective, laser dentistry applications continue to grow and expand in order to provide you with improved treatment, comfort, and convenience. San Dieguito Dental Group provides laser based procedures, such as cavity detection and laser gum surgery to enhance your health as well as your experience with us.

  • How Can Laser Dentistry Help You

    Laser Gum Treatment for Faster Recovery

    Laser gum treatment is one of the laser dentistry services we offer. When treating periodontal disease, laser gum treatment offers several benefits when compared with traditional surgery. There are no scalpels or stitches used in laser gum treatment. This not only reduces pain and swelling, it speeds recovery. In addition, use of the laser at the tooth root encourages the re-growth of bone tissue, the same tissue that supports your teeth.

    Laser Dentistry for Detecting Cavities

    DIAGNOdent is a laser dentistry tool that allows us to find tooth decay accurately and quickly. Early detection is critical to saving more of your healthy tooth and preventing you from needing extensive dental work. The laser is able to detect differences between healthy and unhealthy teeth for an accurate determination of the presence of tooth decay.

    What Other Dental Treatments Utilize Lasers?

    Lasers have become a popular substitute for scalpels and dental drills. Hard tissue lasers can blast away decay without pain causing heat or vibration, and are so precise that they save more of your healthy tooth structure. Soft tissue lasers, however, can be utilized for the treatment of periodontal disease, uncovering an impacted wisdom tooth, or fixing a gummy smile. The applications are endless but the most widely recognized use for laser dentistry is to expedite teeth whitening.

Laser Dentistry - San Diego, CA

Had a great first appointment, the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. The facility and surroundings bring a sense of real calm and tranquility which is very rare for a medical treatment facility. The natural holistic approach to treatments and emphasis on long term safety and benefits is truly commendable.

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To learn more about laser dentistry, laser gum treatments, and other ways we implement lasers for exceptional care, schedule your consultation with San Dieguito Dental Group. We also offer innovative treatments such as dental implants, CEREC® single-visit dental crowns, and IV sedation for the most relaxing visit to the dentist you have ever had.

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