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Comfortable Tooth Extraction From an Encinitas Dentist

We Can Remove Teeth and Offer Restoration Options

Tooth extraction seems contrary to our goal of helping you save your smile yet in some extreme cases, it is necessary. Teeth that have been ravaged by periodontal disease or fractured by injury may be hopeless. San Dieguito Dental Group provides simple and surgical tooth extraction to ensure both oral health and overall health. We also offer sedation dentistry to protect your comfort during treatment by our Encinitas dentist.

  • How Can Tooth Extraction Help You?

    Why You Might Need Tooth Extraction

    • Severe decay
    • Tooth infection
    • As part of orthodontic treatment
    • Injured or fractured teeth
    • Presence of an extra tooth that must be removed for cosmetic reasons

    The Two Types of Tooth Extraction

    Simple tooth extraction is performed with forceps, using a gentle back and forth motion. Eventually, the tooth simply loosens from the connective tissue and slips out of the socket. With surgical removal, we must access the tooth from below the gum line for proper extraction, requiring incisions in the gum tissue. Sedation dentistry is typically administered for surgical extraction.

    The Importance of Tooth Restoration After Extraction

    Tooth extraction protects your oral health by removing an infected or decayed tooth but it creates a new set of issues, including:

    • Difficulty speaking properly
    • Inability to chew food well
    • Marred appearance due to gaps in smile
    • Loss of confidence
    • Bone loss

    Tooth Replacement Options After Tooth Extraction

    Our Encinitas dentist can restore your smile to its earlier appearance with dental implants. Implants are the closest replication of your natural teeth and offer a permanent, easy-to-maintain replacement. Dental implants preserve your appearance as well as your bone health while allowing you to smile, eat, and speak with confidence.

See What Our Pateints Are Saying About Us!

Extraction Patient Testimonial - Anonymous

Love coming into the dentist ever since I started coming to San Dieguito Dental Group. Friendly staff who go out of there way to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

Extraction Patient Testimonial - Nore T.

Seeing the dentist isn't what most people like to do but coming to this office is always a pleasure because everyone here offers their best friendly service.

Nore T.
Extraction Patient Testimonial - Rebecca Q .

I love your office! Everyone is professional, kind and efficient. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Rebecca Q .
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If you believe you need tooth extraction, schedule a consultation with San Dieguito Dental Group. We can help you determine the best method to remove your hopeless tooth and restore your smile using dental implants and sedation dentistry.

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