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Building Healthier Smiles With Bone Grafts

Protect the Foundation of Your Smile With Bone Grafts

Benefits of Bone Grafts

Bone loss is a common result of prolonged gum disease, and ultimately, leads to tooth loss as well. To preserve your beautiful smile and restore bone volume lost to periodontal disease, call San Dieguito Dental Group for a consultation. Our doctors can augment bone with permanent bone grafts, an essential treatment for anyone who has lost a significant amount of bone density and is considering dental implants.

  • Enhances bone density to preserve overall oral health
  • Restores the bone necessary for supporting your teeth
  • Enhances bone volume to increase the success of dental implants
  • Augments bone to ensure the preservation of your facial structure
  • Provides a much-needed structure for your gum line
Before and After Photo - Bone Grafting - San Gieguito Dental Group, San Diego, CA
Before and After Photo - Bone Grafting - San Gieguito Dental Group, San Diego, CA
Before and After Photo - Bone Grafting - San Gieguito Dental Group, San Diego, CA
Before and After Photo - Bone Grafting - San Gieguito Dental Group, San Diego, CA
  • Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts

    How Bone Grafts Work

    Your doctors will collect bone tissue from a donor site, such as the chin, or from a bone bank. The donor tissue will be attached with biocompatible titanium screws that will hold the new tissue in place until it integrates with the existing tissue. Bone grafts are a safe and effective way to increase bone volume and are often performed before surgery for dental implants. However, bone grafts must be completely healed before dental implants can be placed.

    Beyond Traditional Bone Grafts

    When bone loss causes the sinus membrane to sag, a sinus lift must be scheduled to lift the sinus membrane into its proper position and replace the bone that held it in place. Bone grafting materials are also sometimes placed into a tooth socket immediately after extraction to proactively address expected bone loss. This method, known as ridge preservation, will preserve bone and prevent the gum line from sinking. Once the ridge has receded due to bone loss, a corrective ridge augmentation may be performed to increase supportive bone density.

    Bone Grafting in San Diego, CA

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Bone Grafting Patient Testimonial - Anastasia K.

I am always pretty anxious going in for any dental procedure, but Bethany was quick to understand my fears and put me at ease. She and Dr. LeFebvre make a great team and took great care with me throughout the visit!

Anastasia K.
Bone Grafting Patient Testimonial - Jeanne S.

Everyone was professional, friendly and competent. They took their time to answer any questions or concerns I had regarding my dental care. Overall a great experience.

Jeanne S.
Bone Grafting Patient Testimonial - Lori O.

I would highly recommend Dr Mike & his team to anyone. I have undergone extensive cosmetic reconstruction with Dr Mike and have achieved outstanding results. I couldn't be happier!

Lori O.
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If you want to learn more about bone grafts or dental implants, contact San Dieguito Dental Group. Schedule a visit with our doctors to improve your smile and your overall oral health. We offer additional services, such as sedation dentistry, to ensure your comfort during your treatments.

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