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A Beautiful, Porcelain Crown in a Single Visit With CEREC®

CEREC® Crowns Offer Ultimate Convenience

You can get a beautiful new restoration in only one visit to San Dieguito Dental Group with CEREC® crowns. Single-visit crowns are designed and created in our office. The entire process can take as little as one hour, allowing you to enjoy a restored smile with greater comfort and convenience.

Benefits of CEREC® Crowns

  • No goopy impression materials
  • All porcelain crowns contain no metal or mercury
  • Tooth shade selected right in our office
  • No need for uncomfortable temporary crowns
  • Fewer dental visits
  • What is a CERAC Crown?

    How Are CEREC Crowns Made?

    These convenient crowns are designed and created in our office. Our doctors will remove any decay and prepare your tooth to accommodate a crown. They will then place a bit of dusting powder on the remaining tooth structure and take a digital impression. The impression is transmitted to our 3D CAD software which allows us to obtain a comprehensive representation of your tooth. Your crown is then customized to fit in with the shape and size of the surrounding teeth as well as your bite. Your ideal tooth color is selected and a porcelain block is placed in the milling machine. The block is carved into your new crown.

    Are They Really Placed in One Visit?

    Crowns typically take three weeks to design, prepare, and place—but not CEREC crowns. Once your tooth is prepared and the crown is ready, we bond the crown permanently into place. The visit typically lasts for an hour.


See What Our Pateints Are Saying About Us!

CEREC® Patient Testimonial - Erik O.

The friendliest dental staff you will find! Dr. Lefebvre is knowledgeable, personable and utilizes only the highest tech dental equipment and procedures.

Erik O.
CEREC® Patient Testimonial - Kathleen A.

Friendly, helpful professionals,everybodytakes time to answer questions. Incredible unification of services - EVERYBODY talks to everybody else, fantastic team approach to dental care!

Kathleen A.
CEREC® Patient Testimonial - Anonymous

Love coming into the dentist ever since I started coming to San Dieguito Dental Group. Friendly staff who go out of there way to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

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Never wear a temporary crown again. Call San Dieguito Dental Group to schedule your visit for CEREC crowns and learn how we protect your health and comfort with advanced treatments such as dental implants, laser dentistry, and sedation dentistry.

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