Your First Visit

We look forward to meeting you! When you arrive, we will give you a tour of our state of the art facility. After a detailed review of your health history, we will perform a comprehensive exam that will last about 60 minutes and will include the following:

Digital Radiographs

This technology eliminates 90% of the radiation in traditional x-rays and projects the image instantly right on the computer screen. We will review your radiographs and share with you any concerns that we identify.

Head and Neck Oral Cancer Screening

We will perform a thorough cancer screening of your head and neck, including soft tissues, lymph nodes and surrounding areas.

TMJ Joint Evaluation

Our doctors will perform a simple TMJ exam, evaluating your joints and associated muscles, and bite, and evaluate for any abnormalities. Please let us know if you have had any abnormalities, such as joint pain or popping or clicking of your jaw joints.

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Screening

Lasers have made incredible contributions in aiding in early diagnosis in tooth decay. Using this harmless laser light, our doctors can “scan” each tooth, detecting problems at a very early stage. We can then make conservation recommendations in prevention and treatment.

Visual Examination and Intra-oral Camera Tour

Up close digital photography enables us to not only identify problems early but also provides visual detail of the condition of your mouth.   We employed intra-oral cameras in our office back in 1998 and still use them today for precise diagnosis, documentation, and education.  Once patients can see what is going on in their mouths, they can make informed decisions on treatment and preventative actions.
We will chart and evaluate all your existing dental work as well as look at all of your teeth to examine for cavities, fractures, or wear. We often use an intra-oral and digital camera for close examination of these areas.

Evaluation of Gums – Periodontal Exam

Finally, we will examine your gums for gum disease and inform you if the presence of disease exists, as well as the risk, treatment, and prognosis.

Following the collection of all this information, we will either present the information to you at this appointment or, if the information requires further study, will set up a consultation appointment to review our findings.

We look forward to meeting you!