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Your Encinitas Dentist Explains Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers


Cosmetic Dentistry gives you a more youthful look and a smile that radiates health and confidence.  A trusted, experienced cosmetic dentist is able to give you strong, lasting teeth veneers with little time and discomfort for you.  To find a convenient, healthy solution for your cosmetic dentistry needs, first we answer your questions about tooth veneers, cosmetic teeth covers and the process of cosmetic dental work.

As a dentist in Encinitas, we often hear questions about cosmetic dentistry and we want to make sure that our patients are well informed.  These are some of the most common cosmetic dentistry questions we receive.  We are happy to answer more of your cosmetic dental questions, any time.

How Can I Hide Stains, Cracks or Chipped Teeth?

One of the great things about tooth veneers is that they are able to hide teeth stain and mask cracks in your teeth.  With the help of cosmetic teeth covers, we are able to fix chipped teeth and create a smoother, healthier smile.  Many of our patients tell us that prior to coming to see us for cosmetic dentistry, they felt inhibited by the stains, cracks or other imperfections in their smiles.  With the help of our cosmetic dentists, those problems are resolved. Continue reading “Your Encinitas Dentist Explains Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers” »