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Am I Allergic to the Crowns in My Mouth?

Over 30% of the population is allergic to metals, primarily nickel.  Nickel is a metal found commonly in dental fillings and crowns.  Metal allergies typically manifest as a skin rash, or contact dermatitis, and occur more frequently in women than in men.  

Metals have been used in crowns and fillings for years, the conventional wisdom being that amalgam fillings are more durable, or last longer than other materials would.  This means that, if you have crowns, there is metal in your mouth.  In addition to nickel, a known allergen, metals in crowns include platinum, palladium, cobalt and beryllium.  Allergies to cobalt, or even cobalt and nickel cross-reactions, have been known to cause uncomfortable skin reactions. Continue reading “Am I Allergic to the Crowns in My Mouth?” »