Dental Implants

Dentistry has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Dental implants are fast becoming the treatment of choice for missing a single tooth or multiple teeth.
Dental implants are titanium alloy screws that are permanently anchored into the jaw bone. The titanium alloy has been selected due to the following proven characteristics: strength, lightweight, biocompatibility, and history of success in the field of medical joint replacements. (knee, hip, etc).

The Benefits of dental Implants
Provides a permanent solution to tooth loss with the highest success rates and longevity of all dental procedures performed
Decreases bone loss and gum recessions associated with missing teeth.
Eliminates the need to grind away otherwise healthy teeth necessary to produce conventional bridgework.
Assists in proper chewing allowing for a healthy and improved diet.
Improves speech and supports natural facial contour.

What are the steps required?
Step 1 Consultation/diagnosis
Step 2 Implanting the fixture (root replacement)
Step 3 Abutment placement
Step 4 Attaching your new permanent dental restoration.