For your Comfort

To help keep you comfortable and entertained during your appointments we provide…

Personalized movie glasses

movie glassesThat’s right – sit back relax, and enjoy a movie during your appointments.  These movie headsets fit comfortably over your eyes, blocking out light and giving you the illusion that you are in a movie theater.  Providing constant distraction, these are our most popular request for patient entertainment.  So what will it be – comedy or drama?

Pandora through noise canceling headphones

pandoraIf it’s music you prefer, name your artist.  All of our treatment rooms are equipped with headphones that can stream your favorite genre. Just let us know your preference and we will take care of of the rest.


Purified warm water delivery

waterWe understand that many of our patients have sensitive teeth and have installed warm water delivery in our treatment rooms to increase comfort during routine procedures. Water is purified via reverse osmosis, ensuring the cleanest water, free of the impurities that haunt our regular city tap water.