Your Encinitas Dentist Answers: Could it be TMJ?

TMJ can be the cause of a variety of painful symptoms that leave patients looking for relief.  In fact, like many of the patients in our Encinitas dentist office, you may be surprised to learn that the persistent headaches and neck pain you are experiencing can actually be the result of a dental condition called Temporal Mandible Disorder, or TMJ dysfunction.

What are the symptoms of TMJ?

TMJ, which stands for Temporal Mandible Disorder, is characterized by a clicking or “popping” of your jaw joints.  TMJ has a number of uncomfortable or painful symptoms that affect more than just your mouth.  If you suffer from TMJ, you are likely to experience frequent headaches.  TMJ sufferers also experience muscle tension and discomfort in their jaws and in their necks, particularly when they wake up in the morning.

If you are experiencing these symptoms (frequent headaches, muscle tension or discomfort in your jaw or neck, especially upon waking), then schedule an appointment with your Encinitas dentist as soon as possible, to get much needed relief from TMJ pain.

Ask Your Encinitas Dentist: How Did I Get TMJ?

Stress is the primary cause of TMJ.  In patients who have TMJ, the joints in their jaw are out of balance with their bite.  This shift is attributed to the pain in the head and neck that TMJ causes.  In addition to stress, your jaw joints and your bite can be thrown out of balance as a result of trauma, another cause of TMJ.

In some serious cases of TMJ, our Encinitas dentist notes that patients can experience degenerative effects on the joints, similar to the effects that arthritis has on joints.

How Do You Treat TMJ?

Our Encinitas dentist office has a range of treatments for patients who suffer from TMJ.  Each treatment type that our Encinitas dentist recommends is appropriate to the degree and severity of each patient’s individual case.  In order to recommend the best TMJ treatment for you, we recommend that you schedule a full evaluation in our office.

Following the TMJ evaluation in our Encinitas dentist office, we often use splints, which have a high success rate in treating TMJ among our patients.  In many cases, patients can see TMJ relief from bite adjustments that we are able to perform right here in our office.  All of the TMJ treatment strategies we provide are designed to relieve you from the pain and discomfort that this condition causes.

We are the dentist in Encinitas with advanced training in diagnosing and treating TMJ dysfunction.  That means that we take you and your symptoms seriously and we are committed to giving you the best care.  If you have any questions about TMJ, or if you are suffering from symptoms associated with TMJ, contact us for the relief you need.

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