Say Goodbye to Loose Fitting Dentures and Hello to Teeth that Feel Natural – All in a Day!

Patients at our Encinitas dentist office often come in concerned that their dentures do not fit securely.  Some of our patients who wear dentures are concerned that their dentures are loose fitting, making them feel less confident and leaving them unable to enjoy some of their favorite foods and at risk of health complications.

There is a Better Way – Implant Supported Dentures Give You a Secure, Comfortable Fit

Dental implants, which look and feel like your own teeth, are the perfect solution for patients who want the confidence and freedom of teeth that feel natural and comfortable. 

Full dental implants, which you may have heard referred to as “All-on-4,” give you secure, permanent teeth, so you never again have to worry about maintenance, hygiene, food restrictions and embarrassment often associated with traditional dentures.  Other benefits of dental implants include improved oral health and the overall improvement to wellness that comes from having a healthier mouth.

Even knowing that there is a solution to the discomfort and embarrassment associated with ill-fitting dentures, some of our dental implant patients arrive at our Encinitas dentist office concerned about what the implant supported denture procedure will be like.  Implant supported dentures, also called full dental implants, are a healthy choice for your mouth and an easy choice for you.  We apply full dental supported implants during a simple, straightforward procedure that we are able to complete in just one day.

Full Dental Implants in Just One Day

Not only do you get the benefits of dental implants all in one day, but because we do not spread out the procedure, it means an easier process for you, with quicker healing time and less pain.  From the imaging phase through the placement of the prosthesis, we do everything for your implant supported dentures right here in our Encinitas dentist office.

We are a leading Encinitas dentist in using CT imaging technology for dental implants procedures. For accurate placement of your new full denture implants, we use a painless, low radiation 3D cone beam CT SCAN to place your dental implants and complete the procedure, giving you brand new, natural, healthy teeth.  And the confidence that goes with it.

Learn More about Dental Supported Implants

The staff at our Encinitas dentist office is always available to make you feel comfortable and to answer any questions you have.  Find out more about dental supported implants here on our website or come in and visit us to talk about how we can help you find a permanent solution to your struggle with dentures.


  1. My grandma had to get dentures in here whole mouth at a young age. I can’t remember why exactly but she got into an accident. Ever since I can remember I always remember her pulling out her teeth to go to sleep.

  2. Cynthia Rose says:

    I didn’t know that dentures could be loose fitting. I feel so badly for my Nan. I wish I could get her a better option to help her with her the discomfort.

    • Encinitas Smiles says:


      Thank you for your comment. There are options for your family member. A complete exam is the first step. Call the office for a complimentary consultation. See you soon!

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