CEREC – 1 Visit Dentistry

CEREC-3DCEREC’s CAD/CAM computer technology is in over 25,000 practices in over 50 countries. We are proud to have been the first practice in North County San Diego to implement CEREC back in 2002.

Since 1985, over 10 million ceramic restorations have been placed, using dental materials that are virtually metal free, biocompatible, with esthetics that look like your natural teeth.

Advantages of CEREC over conventional methods

No conventional impressions – Our CEREC 3D LED camera scans your tooth in a matter of seconds, capturing all of the information digitally. This eliminates the need for silicone impressions.

One Appointment (No Long Waiting Periods) – If you have ever had a crown placed, you know what inconvenience means. Multiple appointments, temporaries that can come loose, and a two week wait for the final fitting – which usually requires another round of anesthesia.

No temporaries – CEREC crowns are milled right here in the office where you can watch your crown being made right before your eyes. Once fitted, they are bonded to your tooth immediately. This eliminates the need for temporary fillings and crowns.

Compared to the traditional old way – two appointments, two injections, extra time off work, hassles with temporary crowns. There is simply a better way. CEREC.